The benefits beyond playing

 Can a piano program deliver more than music? Yes! At any age, learning to play piano not only positively impacts your emotional state, develops your natural and innate musicianship and expands your creativity, it also makes a difference in your ability to:

  • Problem solve

  • Develop relationships

  • Pursue academic and professional endeavors

  • Increase happiness and individuality


My daughter has been taking lessons with Nicole for two years now and we absolutely love her and the Simply Music method. I took piano lessons when I was younger and was frustrated by the traditional methods of learning to read music at the same time you try to get your fingers to do what you read. With Simply Music my daughter could play a song at her first lesson and more importantly experienced the joy and sense of accomplishment of learning to play it. I also really appreciate that singing is a component of learning piano. When I think of practical uses for piano, I imagine my daughter being able to play songs on the keyboard and sing along to them at parties or family get togethers. Nicole taught one of our favorites Let it Be and now my daughter can play and sing it for her family and we all join in. Music is about joy and bringing people together!

Nicole is wonderful at instructing the students with techniques to learn the song with ease and the online videos provide support. I am honestly shocked and impressed with the amount of songs my daughter can now play. I wish I had learned piano using this method with a talented instructor like Nicole whose positive, fun-loving, but firm approach really keeps students on track. Parents are required to attend and are responsible for understanding the needs of the student and to try and make sure the child is practicing. I appreciate this aspect as well. It’s easy for us as parents to tune out, but this is an investment of time, skill and money and it’s worth putting in the effort for something that hopefully brings happiness and fun for a lifetime. That’s a worthwhile investment!
— S. Fu