Payment and Attendance Policies for ONLINE Students


Online Group Lessons

10 Lesson Packages

Students receive 10 lessons per package.

A bonus 20 minute private lesson is included in each package and can be scheduled anytime during the 10 lesson period.

Once the 10 lessons are complete, every student will have the option to continue with their group for another 10 lessons or join another online group.


Each package is $369.00 and is paid in full prior to the first lesson. Payments are made via Square at:

Attendance and Missed Lessons

Students are responsible for regular attendance.  However, if you are unable to attend your online group lesson, you will be sent the assignment and links to view the lesson and any additional videos necessary for learning the songs assigned.  

No make-up lessons are offered. Missed lessons will not be credited, refunded, rescheduled or made-up.  

It will be up to the student to keep up with the class via the information sent after each lesson.

A bonus private lesson is included in each package.  However, if the student feels he/she would benefit from any additional private lessons, these may be scheduled as needed.  Additional private lessons for online students are $58.00 each (30 minutes)

If for any reason the online lesson is canceled by the studio, an additional date will be added to the schedule to make up for the canceled lesson or you will receive a refund for the lesson.

Zoom Access

Students join the lesson via Zoom, a web conferencing app accessed via smartphone, laptop/computer or tablet.  The link for the meeting is:

If you already have the Zoom app, the meeting ID is 738 530 6558

You may join the meeting 5 minutes prior to the lesson.  The lesson will begin promptly at the scheduled time.

The Studio’s Guarantee

I promise to provide you with the tools you’ll need to be successful in these lessons.  However, the learning will take place at your home with your piano. Students must practice 4-5 days a week to get the best results.  If you’ve committed to the practice and feel that you are not getting the results you had hoped you’d get, you will receive a refund based on the number of lessons you have left in your package.

These policies are designed to allow the Rhythm ‘n You Piano Studio to smoothly operate in an environment that provides the greatest freedom to share the gift of music and to help students achieve the breakthrough results promised by the Simply Music program. RnYPS reserves the right to terminate enrollment if a student is unwilling or unable to adhere to the stated policies, procedures and lesson requirements.

The Relationship

In order for our journey together to be successful, we must understand how important each of our roles is.  Both of us will have our own set of responsibilities:

The Teacher (Music Coach)

Your music coach is fully committed to your success as a student.  Your coach will:

  • Be prepared for class with appropriate material.

  • Be punctual for class time.

  • Be patient, enthusiastic and encouraging.

  • Maintain consistent, open communication.

  • Encourage feedback and questions.

  • Respond to email/text messages related to the lesson assignments within 24 hours.

The Student

In CLASS the student will:

  • Be punctual for the class time.

  • Have all the necessary books, notebooks, practice plans, handouts, etc. with him/her at each lesson.

  • Participate fully and be ready to play.

At HOME the student will:

  • Establish a practice time that is consistent 4-5 days a week; 20-25 minutes a day.

  • Keep the playlist/repertoire alive on a weekly basis.

  • Mark the playlist during practice time.

  • Complete all assignments as scheduled.

  • Keep open communication with your teacher, ask questions and inform your teacher if at any point the amount of homework is too much/too little, or the speed at which the class is moving is too fast/too slow.

  • Access any additional tutorials via the showcase/album in Vimeo which are viewable during the week. (Each showcase has a private passcode that must be kept private.)



During enrollment with the Rhythm ‘n You Piano Studio, you agree to the following confidentiality agreement with Simply Music:

"Simply Music and/or its delegates” (“SM”) offers a unique “method of music instruction for students and teachers including specific approaches, ideas, techniques, musical compositions, written, electronic and audiovisual materials, Trade and Service Marks, and business or technical information (“The Program”). The program is presented to you solely for your personal use. You will receive proprietary materials that, along with your lessons, ensure that you are being provided with the highest level of support that is possible. The Program has been developed as a result of the investment of significant time, effort and expense, and is a highly valuable, special and unique asset that provides SM with a distinct and significant competitive advantage. By signing this form you agree not to copy, alter, modify, reverse engineer, reproduce, replicate or create any imitation or abstraction of the Program, or attempt to derive the composition or underlying information of The Program. You declare that you will not use The Program for commercial application, nor use it to influence the development of any music educational program that is intended for commercial application. You acknowledge and agree that due to the unique nature of SM’s Program, there can be no adequate remedy at law for any breach of its obligations hereunder, that any such breach may allow you or third parties to unfairly compete with SM resulting in irreparable harm to SM and, therefore that upon any such breach or threat thereof, SM shall be entitled to injunctions and other appropriate equitable relief in addition to whatever remedies it may have at law. SM shall also be entitled to recover all of SM’s costs, disbursements and legal fees incurred in seeking or obtaining enforcement hereof."                                                                                                                                                                             

*You do not need to take any action.* Your teacher will inform you when and how to purchase your material. 
This is for informational purposes only.

From Simply Music: Specific Costs
“Regardless of whether students are in Private or Shared Lessons, Simply Music Teachers are entirely independent and determine their own fee structure. Contact your local Simply Music Piano Teacher to inquire about their fees.
“Student Home Materials (SHMs) are a required part of students’ learning experience and these are acquired from time to time as directed by the teacher.
“All digital SHMs, once purchased, will reside in each students’ account on the Student Intranet, where they can access them 24/7 – anywhere and anytime as long as they have an internet connection. Video files streaming only whereas audio files can be downloaded and readable files (PDFs) can be printed.
“...for an additional cost, a physical copy of SHMs can be acquired.”        

Foundation Levels 1-9: $35.00-$45.00 USD
Development Levels 10-18: $8.00 - $10.00 USD
Special Programs: $8.00 - $30.00 USD
Supplemental Programs: $5.00 - $25.00 USD


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