Studio Policy

Rhythm ‘n You Piano Studio (RnYPS)

Payment and Attendance Policies for September 9th, 2019– June 12th, 2020

Shared and Private Lesson Fees

Tuition is split into two seasons: School and Summer

Students receive thirty-five lessons per school year (including two community performance opportunities in December and February, a jam session, rehearsal and piano party in the Spring).

SHARED Lessons (30-50 minutes depending on the number of students in the lesson)

Each lesson is $49.72. The yearly tuition is $1740.00. Tuition is divided over 10 months and covers lessons between September 9th, 2019 and June 12th, 2020. Monthly tuition is $174.00 (siblings receive $20.00 off their tuition each month).

PRIVATE Lessons (30 minutes)

Each lesson is $83.44. The yearly tuition is $2920.00. Tuition is divided over 10 months and covers lessons between September 9th, 2019 and June 12th, 2020. Monthly tuition is $292.00 (siblings receive $20.00 off their tuition each month).

**Better Practice App users - an additional charge of $4.42 will be added to the monthly tuition for the use of the app.**


  • An application fee of $35.00 per student will be applied to the first payment. This is a one-time fee for initial enrollment.

  • In addition to the application fee, the first and last month’s tuition are to be paid in full prior to the first lesson. The last month tuition payment is a one-time payment, carried over each year the student continues.

    **The 2020 Summer Season runs from June 15th thru August 14th. Students can enroll into private lessons, group lessons and/or workshops. Separate Payment and Attendance Policies will be given out in May 2020.**


Automated payments will be processed via Square on the 30th of each month to reserve your class spot for the following month. (The first 2019/2020 school year monthly tuition payment will occur on August 30th, 2019. The last payment will occur on May 30th, 2020.)

Attendance and Missed Lessons

Students are responsible for regular attendance. Students under 16 years of age require a parent to be in attendance.

• When possible and with advance notice, students who are unable to attend their lesson due to illness or travel, may join their lesson online via ZOOM.

• The RnYPS does not offer make up lessons. Missed lessons will not be credited, refunded, rescheduled or made-up.

• Students may drop-in to a level-appropriate lesson at any time, at no extra cost. Drop-in students attend as an active observer understanding that any new material that was given in his/her usual weekly lesson will not be covered. A drop-in lesson is ideal for students who need a review and/or want to attend a lesson because he/she missed a lesson. This is not a make-up lesson.

For Shared Lesson Students

  • It is the responsibility of the parent and student to obtain missed lesson material from a fellow student.

  • If a student falls behind in their piano homework, a private lesson may be required in order to catch up to the group.

  • Private lessons are 20 min/$56.00 each or 30 min/$84.00 each.

  • Students can book private lessons online via: (bookings will be reviewed for approval.)

The studio will be closed Nov 25-Dec 1; Dec 23-Jan 5; Apr 6-19; Summer closures will be given in June.

** RnYPS participates in two community performances: a Holiday sing-a-long and a Valentine fund-raising event.

** RnYPS offers a jam session for students and parents in the Spring.

** RnYPS holds an annual spring rehearsal and piano party in May, which replaces the normally scheduled lesson that week.

If for any reason the studio is closed additional days/weeks, a credit will be applied towards the following month.

Leave of Absence

RnYPS requires a written 30-day notice prior to your final lesson or extended leave of absence.  The last month tuition payment (paid during enrollment) will be applied to the final month of lessons when a 30-day written notice is given. If a written notice is not given, the last month tuition payment is forfeited.

Because monthly tuition is prorated, students who do not complete the 10 month School Year cycle and un-enroll anytime between September and June will be required to pay any balance due which will cover the lessons already given.  

These policies are designed to allow the Rhythm ‘n You Piano Studio to smoothly operate in an environment that provides the greatest freedom to share the gift of music and to help students achieve the breakthrough results promised by the Simply Music program. RnYPS reserves the right to terminate enrollment if a student and/or parent is unwilling or unable to adhere to the stated policies, procedures and lesson requirements.

The Three-Legged Stool
In order for our journey together to be successful, we must understand how important each of our roles is. Each of us represents a leg in the three-legged stool analogy. If at any point, one of the legs isn’t able to do its part to keep the stool stable and balanced, we must fix the leg or get a new stool. What does this mean for you and me?

LEG #1 – The Teacher (Music Coach)
Your music coach is fully committed to your success as a student. Your coach will:

• Be prepared for class with appropriate material.

• Be punctual for class time.

• Be patient, enthusiastic and encouraging.

• Maintain consistent, open communication with parents and the student body.

• Offer opportunities through piano performances, parties, jam sessions for the student to share his/her musical talent.

• Continue on-going Simply Music Training, attend Retreats, Conferences, etc. in order to continue to provide the best experience for the student.

• Encourage feedback and questions.

LEG #2 – The Parent (Life Coach)
As the Life Coach, the priority of music as an important part of your child’s life starts with you. The Life Coach will:

• Trust the Music Coach even if you don’t always understand, don’t agree or if it’s sometimes inconvenient for you.

• Attend and participate in lessons, discussions and performances.

• Ensure that the student is completing assignments, keeping the playlist alive and marked daily.

• Read, initial and adhere to the Payment and Attendance Policies.

• Read and respond to emails sent from the RnYPS.

• Utilize the RnYPS website for lesson schedules, event information, printable playlists, etc.

• Be flexible with the possibility of your child moving into a faster or slower paced class, depending on what will ensure your child’s success.

• Ensure that any sibling(s) brought to class are not a distraction to the rest of the group.

• Put cell phones on silent and put them in the basket provided or simply out of sight.

LEG #3 – The Student
In CLASS the student (and parent) will:

• Be punctual for the class time.

• Obtain missed material from a fellow student.

• Attend with a parent if he/she is under the age of 16.

• Do everything you are asked to do, and not do anything you are not asked to do.

• Bring his/her Notebook, Playlist, Accompaniment book, Reading books and any other material the teacher requires, to every lesson.

• Not bring in gum, food or other distracting items into the lesson, besides water.

• Participate fully, being ready for round robins, hand raising, playing and performances.

At HOME the student (and parent) will:

• Establish a practice time that is consistent 5 days a week; 20-25 minutes a day (Levels 1-3); 30-45 minutes a day (Levels 4 and above).

• Understand completely that practice is non-negotiable.

• Discuss with the teacher any scheduling conflicts that interfere with practice time.

• Keep the playlist alive on a weekly basis.

• Mark the playlist during practice time (not at the lesson).

• Complete all assignments as scheduled.

• Keep open communication with your teacher, ask questions and inform your teacher if at any point the amount of homework is too much/too little, or the speed at which the class is moving is too fast/too slow.

• Be flexible with the possibility of moving into a faster or slower paced class, depending on what will ensure your success.


The Commitment – To be 100% committed is much different than 95% committed and will produce a completely different result. It’s much easier and more beneficial to all of us, if we step into learning with 100% commitment to the process and the requirements involved. Challenges will come and we will each experience our own peaks, plateaus and valleys throughout our time together for different reasons and durations. If we are only 95% committed, those challenges will tip our three-legged stool over. With 100% commitment, we continue to do our best despite those challenges. Why? Because learning music, playing music, being musically self-expressed in a world that needs innovative thinkers, problem solvers and creative minds is a priority.