Play Piano

Are you musical?

The answer to this question is not, “Yes, I play an instrument” or “No, I do not play an instrument.”  The truth is, we’re ALL musical.  In fact, we are so deeply musical, that if were we not musical, we’d be unable to speak or to move our bodies.   We express our musicality in a number of ways: from the tonality and inflection in our speech, to the way we move our bodies, walk, clap our hands, brush our teeth.  

Unfortunately, an individual’s experience with trying to learn an instrument, can have the opposite effect.  A student of music who attempts and fails at learning the piano, will believe that musicianship comes from being talented or naturally gifted.  He will believe that music lessons must be for the select few.

I want to set that belief aside and suggest that with the right teacher, the right method of learning and with consistent at-home play, everyone, including you, can learn to play music.  And not just learn it so you can play like me or Beethoven or anyone else, but so you can play like you… with your tonality, inflection, expression, movement and rhythm.


I want to be a part of your musical journey of self-expression. 

Are you ready?


For every person impacted by the Rhythm ‘n You Piano Studio,
young and old, to experience, to own and to express their own musicality.


To reawaken the joy of discovery, creativity and simplicity and inspire
a life-long passion for music that impacts the lives of others.


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Dear Nicole,
I wanted to take a few minutes to express to you how grateful I am for allowing me the opportunity to make many dreams of mine come true.

When I came to you a year ago and asked if you could help me learn how to play the piano, and prepare me with a one year time limit to learn my step moms favorite song “Autumn Leaves” to play on her birthday, you looked at me without a blink and said “Absolutely”. Well, a year has passed, and her birthday arrived, and I played “Autumn Leaves” flawlessly, and made my step mom cry in amazement that I not only play the piano now, but that I learned how to play with the true desire to play this one song for her. I also played HAPPY BDAY TO YOU, as well as about 15 other songs for my 94 year- old wonderful Grandmother and about 12 other elders in her Assisted Living Home, and she looked like that kid from Home Alone who drops his jaw and puts both hands on his face. Anyway, she was confused more than anything at first, because she knew I only played baseball all my life, not piano. She called 8 days in a row and kept reminding me that I was “an unusual young man” to have learned how to play piano in one year, and play as if I’ve been playing for many years. She said “who in the world learns to play an instrument at age 35?”

I was amazed at how quickly I was able to play, and it felt so good bringing life to a piano for the first time in my life, I got addicted and couldn’t wait to learn more and play more. I now download music from online and play songs I used to only listen to on the radio and wish I were able to play.

Thank you Nicole, and Simply Music, for bringing such joy into my life by making this dream of mine a reality, and the joy I can now bring to the lives of those I love and play for them forever.
— Dr. Todd Gewant