Interactive Lessons for Busy Adults

 Are you an adult who needs a creative outlet?  Is playing the piano something you used to do or something you’ve always wanted to do? 

I just wanted to say I am LOVING the lessons! Thanks so much for trying this online method! It’s amazing not having to schedule driving to a lesson and I love our little group!
— K. Allard

Do you have:

  • A piano or keyboard?

  • A laptop or smartphone with high speed internet access?

How it works:

  • We connect via Zoom (web conferencing app)

  • Lessons are once a week for 50 min

  • Each lesson is recorded and available for viewing post lesson

  • 10 lessons total at $36 per lesson - $360 paid in full

  • Student materials - $9.50

BONUS - You’ll receive a 20 minute private lesson with me during the 10 lesson timeframe.